Official Seal

Republic of New Lemuria 

 Uniform Bankruptcy Act

of 1991

An Act Regulating Bankruptcies


Article One: Short Title

This Act may be cited as "The Bankruptcy Act".

Article Two: Authority / Enforcement

The Attorney General for the Republic of New Lemuria shall

possess exclusive enforcement powers with respect to this


Matters of dispute hereunder shall be settled through trial

within the appropriate judicial court of the

Republic of New Lemuria.

Article Three: General

By direction hereunder, the House of Elders of the Republic of New Lemuria hereby adopts certain legislation known as the

Bankruptcy Laws of The United States of America, as enacted by the US Government,

as amended to include such amendments approved and adopted by the United States of America.

Hearings, plans of reorganization, creditors’ meetings, and court decisions may be held or

handed down by phone, fax or other means according to the discretion of the assigned judge.

Bankruptcy judges may prescribe local rules necessary to administer justice and encourage

judicial economy. Appointment of bankruptcy judges shall be made in accordance with the

Constitution of the Republic of New Lemuria.

Article Four: Ratification

This Act has been duly presented and approved for adoption by

the House of Elders of the Republic of New Lemuria.

Article Five: Effectiveness

This Act shall take effect on the 27th day of February, 1991,

unless otherwise determined by the House of Elders.