Curriculum Vitae

            Ms. Reiter has been a computer scientist for over 30 years.  The majority of the time has been spent in developing solutions to large problems using innovative approaches.  These approaches were created by her ability to envisage the problem and its solution from a ‘macro’ integrated perspective.  Ms. Reiter has consulted at executive levels at the Pentagon as well as with Fortune 500 companies regarding technology futures, directions, architectures, and development approaches.  Her unique skill is explaining complicated technologies in ways that are understandable by anyone.

            Ms. Reiter has driven the frontier of many software solutions that were thought to be impossible by many technologists.  She is president and founder of several leading-edge software companies.  She has experience in the development of business systems, real-time system, transaction processing, scientific applications, embedded systems, and Artificial Intelligence.   Ms. Reiter has extensive experience in providing advanced solutions in travel and travel related industries including airlines, travel agencies, on-line services and aviation authorities.

            Ms. Reiter invented groundbreaking software development and programming tools for the layperson that makes them as competent as someone with 30 years of experience.  The difference is that this technology only has an 8 to 12 week learning curve.  Predecessors of this invention were used for a summer program that used children to invent their own interactive educational network based on a game foundation – “Kids software for kids by kids”.  This initiative grew out of an R&D initiative of an Artificial Intelligence based education system that uses networks and computers to deliver interactive curricula in the form of instruction and games where you apply what you’ve learned.  In addition, Ms. Reiter is actively involved in teaching and using software development as the foundation of economic development by giving skills to people that are in line with modern demand.

            She is the principal inventor of a large scale data integration patent; and holds a recent patent in what might considered a ‘silver coated brass bullet’ for the Y2K computer problem.  

            Ms. Reiter has published many papers and has been a keynote speaker on the use of technology, future direction of computing, and groundbreaking solutions to the most challenging technical issues. Ms. Reiter has been interviewed on several occasions by national TV networks and made for television specials and videos, and by radio stations regarding solving pressing technical problems.

            In addition, the Object Management Group gave its first award at Computerworld’s sponsored Object World conference for technology invented by her for it’s outstanding technological contribution in the field of object-oriented.  Ms. Reiter was given Martin Marietta’s President’s Club award for outstanding technical contribution.  

            Ms. Reiter is co-author of a novel “The Secret of Christmas” and has donated 90% of the royalty to Childhelp USA (a non-profit organization that helps abused children).  Ms. Reiter is developing educational software and initiative of “kids software for kids by kids”.  In addition, she is creating initiatives for rapid economic development by teaching people how to program in her groundbreaking technology thereby, making a modern skills base anywhere in the world including developing countries.

            Ms. Reiter holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Colorado State University.