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November 28th, 2006

Historic elections are now taking place within the Republic of New Lemuria to elect members of the Legislative and Executive branch. The "Republic of New Lemuria" as it is sometimes referred to, is a recognized constitutional sovereignty tracing its' origins back over two thousand years, with the modern day Nation regulated by a formal Declaration of Sovereignty and Constitution.

The Republic of New Lemuria is a rapidly expanding, post-modern state whose activities are governmental, spiritual, political, educational and humanitarian.
Not bound by historic traditions or cultural heritage, the Republic of New Lemuria supports the development of shared values common to all men and women to express the needs, wants and aspiration of the third millennium. The Republic also supports new concepts relating to international organizations and co-operatives designed to recognize, provide and promote, with international recognition, the horizontal integration of interest groups, institutions and entities in the various countries of the planet. The Republic of New Lemuria also supports such new forms of international organization and co-operation as a step toward an internationally united planet.

According to the Constitution of the Republic of New Lemuria, the Legislative Branch is composed of members, which are individually known as "Elder", and each Elder shall be duly elected every six years, by the people of the Republic, and shall have the qualifications requisite for such position. Many citizens of the Dominion are now looking forward to these current elections, and some believe that these developments will open up new doors and expanding frontiers for the Republic of New Lemuria which were previously closed.

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